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Loyalty card: Ghoufi Privileges


Loyalty program - Ghoufi Privileges - your agency GHOUFI-TOURS opens a world of advantages:

  • discounts on your next vacation
  • priority processing of your file
  • privileged and confidential access to your account Ghoufi Privileges on our website
  • exclusive offers

Free and easy to use, your card privileges Ghoufi saves you from your first trip:


EUR 100 purchase = 100 points earned

Discover now our loyalty program Ghoufi Privileges.

It makes you a traveler not like the others ...

Information and registration in your agency GHOUFI-TOURS.


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Article 1: The loyalty program Ghoufi Privilege is exclusively for the clients of the agency GHOUFI-TOURS participating in the transaction.

Article 2: Registration for the loyalty program Ghoufi Privileges is free, nominative and allows you to use loyalty points in the conditions specified in Articles 3 and 4.

Article 3: loyalty points are obtained when purchasing tourism packages, except those purchased over the Internet, and travel tickets or services purchased separately (only flights for example) from the agency or the Internet

Article 4: The loyalty points are earned basing on the file's price paid by the buyer, and according to the following rates: 1000 Euros of purchased tourism package grant 1000 points to the loyalty cardholder.

Article 5: The loyalty points are entitled to a discount in euro equivalent to 1% of the number of points accumulated. Example: 1000 loyalty points generate a discount of 10 euros. Loyalty points can be used from 3000 points collected.

Article 6: Conditions for use of loyalty points: loyalty points can not generate discount on the journey enables their acquisition.

Article 7: The loyalty points can in no way be a financial or monetary exchange.

Article 8: Reducing attached to loyalty points is not applicable for online purchased travel, and travel tickets or services purchased separately (only flights for example) from the agency or the Internet.

Article 9: The discounts based on loyalty points can not be combined with other discounts.

Article 10: The reward points are valid for 3 years. To extend the validity, simply purchase from the agency GHOUFI-TOURS that had scored the holder in the loyalty program, at least one tourism package in a period of 3 years.

Article 11: GHOUFI-TOURS reserves the right to modify all or just a part of this regulation at any time without incurring its liability.

Article 12: Ghoufi Privileges' card is used in all outlets of the agency that deliver it, and only in them.