Balnear Tourism





It's Bejaia that has witnessed the strongest affluence with 500 tourists, followed closely by Algiers with 414 tourists. Results of the official and rigorous statistics done by the responsible institutions, including the foreigners' safety. If the number is minimal, we must recognize that the growth rate of arrivals (80%) compared to 2009 is considered important. However, this trend is likely to be dampened this summer, because of three elements: The coincidence of the major event ''the FIFA World Cup 2010'', the lack of an air transport market and the absence of a real strategy for the sector. In Algeria, although it is a destination in its infancy, national experts expect a decline, if not the number, the less, the growth rate of arrivals. This downward trend seems to have escaped the government in organizing the last Tourism exhibition of Algiers.




Certainly, tourism in Algeria has not finished making holidaymakers satisfied! For those who are looking for unusual holiday in the sun, as well as Skikda, Jijel is an Algerian resort to be visited whatever it costs! Located between Constantine (south-west), Mila (south), Bejaia (east), Skikda (west) and bounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Setif (south-east). Jijel is about 300 km east of Algiers (the capital of Algeria). Also located in the eastern Kabylia, Jijel offers a unique landscape to tourists through its coastal plains surrounded by hills of the southern Kabylia. This suggests that the plain of '' Oued Mencha "rising gradually towards the south basin of Jijel, the plains of El-Aouana, the valleys of Oued Boussiaba, Oued Kebir and small plains of Oued Z'hour. This geographic diversity is the pride of the region that will make you also enjoy the headlands, peninsulas, cliffs where the mountains (Tababort, Tamazgida, Bouazza Seddat) give the impression as if they take their source in the sea. For adventure lovers, magnificent caves of Ziama and unexplored chasms are to see whatever they cost. With a temperate climate and mild winters, Jijel offers you during your leisure, the discovery of the nature reserves of Taza (Beni Belaid) covering 122 ha, and Cornice Djidjelly beaches and of course, the resort Sid Abdelaziz which is the pride of the region. With its various contacts with cultures: Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Italian, Turkish and French, Jijel has a multiplicity of cultures that makes of it not only a reference in the region, but it also confer a particular interest in regard to the tourism aspect.

In addition to Balnear Stations such as "Aftis", "El Aouana",  "Oued Z'Hor", "Ras el afia", "Ziama," and "Beni Belaid" sites offered by the climate region of Jijel (forest Guerrouche, Tamantout, t'har Bordj, El Ma El Bared) are to visit at any price. Accessible to 30 minutes of Algiers, an hour from Barcelona, from Marseille or Naples by its airport El Achouat (Ferhat Abbas) over the industrial zone and port Taher Djendjen, Jijel welcomes you in a warm atmosphere where you can think only of passing a unique holiday in the sun, keep the good memories! Feet in water, on warm and fine sand... you have the right even so slightly of losing time notion. Remember also to discover the culinary flavors that offer the Algerian restaurants: refined, based on vegetable or heavy, let yourself be carried away by the diversity of the Algerian cuisine. Meanwhile, think about organizing your trip by reserving online in Jijel's Hotels and why not with GHOUFI-TOUR: that offers you many services, more purchases of cheaper airfares to aim sun, cheap airlines, so take advantage and go on a relaxing holiday in Jijel: Algerian seaside resorts with various cultural values!




Balnear station, but an Algerian city first of all, Skikda is located in the east of town "Larbi Ben M'Hidi" and north-eastern of Algeria. But, do you know the story of the city of Skikda? Previously, in the Roman era, the city of Skikda was known as the "Rusicada" before being settled in January 1848 by France. Arrived by the Bay "Stora" (current fishing port of Skikda), the French renamed it "Fort de France" and then "Philippeville" in testimony to King Louis Philippe. Occupying 137.68 km ² 4, Skikda faces the Mediterranean Sea to the north and shares the same boundaries as Guelma, Mila, Annaba, Constantine and Jijel. This opening to the sea 130 km gives it not only the potential for tourism with its extraordinary beaches (stretching from east to west of El Marsa, Tamanart), but also significant economic: this location supported by railways , ports and roads gives to it a role in  economic and trade flows. Tourism in Skikda offers the tourists an unimaginable landscape that will charm your vision. With a remarkable relief on the coastal side, massifs of Marsa, Azzaba and Collo, where you will find both; areas of plains and mountains, or low hilly unparalleled. In mountainous areas mainly consisting of 'jebels "(mountain) whose" Jebel Hajar chouat (1220 m), "Jebel Sidi Driss (1364 m)," Jebel Abdelhadj (564 m)  "Jebel Staiha (572 m), " Fil-Jebel Fila (586 m) ... are the most important to be seen at any price.
Including the plains of the valleys « Saf-Saf », « Oued El-Kebir» and « Oued El-Guebli », and the other of Azzaba watered by Oued El-Kebir .. can only satisfy the lovers of nature tourism in Skikda.

Furthermore, traveling to Skikda, your tourist stay will allow you to discover not only the particularity of a balnear station not like the others and where various civilizations are linked,  but also its five ports (Fuel port, commercial port and three others of fishing: Collo, Stora, Marsa) that make its pride. If you go on vacation in Skikda, Know that the ruins of Numidian civilization, Phoenician, Turkish, Roman and Muslim are waiting to be discovered at any price in the City Museum. For resorts in Skikda, with beaches of fine sand of Collo (Tamanart of Benzouit, Bay of young girls, Teleza), you can relax and get away confidently!
Moreover, in "Stora" (former marina extending 3 km), holidaymakers can not only appreciate the island of Serigina (old landmark for old history boats in search of landing) with a beautiful view over the sea If you appreciate the sunset, remember that by opting for tourism in the resort town of Skikda with Ben M'hidi beaches, you will be filled every evening summer. If you also rhyme with sun holiday resort, detente, discovery and relaxation, be aware that by opting for a holiday in Skikda, you will make your wish come true, because in the region Azzaba, there are two springs, which Source Hammam Essalhine and the Hammam El-Hamma that welcome you for an unbeatable welfare. Once in Skikda, feel free to enjoy the many dishes that offer Algerian restaurants: heavy fine or even with vegetables, let yourself be carried away by the smells of the Algerian cuisine! In the meantime, please book your hotel room at Skikda and why not at the same time to purchase your cheapest airline ticket offered by airlines at low prices: these are many online services that are available, either through Ghoufi-TOURS, or even websites of airlines!




YEAR 2010


Tourist season 2010 wants to be the starting and the beginning of a change in the provision of services to be offered to different segments of the national population and migrated based on new formulas. To attain the maximal number of holidaymakers from country's interior as well as exterior. Ghoufi-TOUR gathers up its resources and provides an appropriate organization of 05 beaches on the entire coastline. For each province coast, a beach is selected to serve as a demonstration model in hospitality, management and holiday sites animation. These beaches are:

- Beaches for ecotourism.
- Urban beaches.
- Beaches with high attendance.

1 - Organization, supervision and management of beaches and sites:

For each selected site and beach, a manager is appointed, with an engineering profile in order to provide more sites' management, the management aspects of awareness on the protection of the environment, cleanliness, hygiene, entertainment and security. he will stain the organization, the running of the reception center and the management of resources and facilities available to him. This responsible will have to assist the Animation and Reception's Agents (ARA) and whose profile should be correspondent to site's particularities and proposed activities: eco-guards, diving instructors, ski boating, cultural animators.

Each site manager, under the authority of the load Pole mission, defines needs, human and material resources for the site in which he is responsible.

2 - Promotion of the destination "zones of Algeria"

The promotion of the destination Algeria beach aim primary the national vacationers to bring their preference to spend their summer holiday in Algeria.
The other target population is the population may be resident abroad. To educate our emigration and organize trips by setting up a means of support from European cities, it is important to involve professional operators.
The formula we want to experiment first would be the mobilization of community organizations, consulates and embassies, and a media campaign in individual organs press and radio community.
It is important for the success of this operation, to establish an organization that supports all aspects: transportation, accompaniment, hospitality, accommodation, formalities....

3-welcome summer visitors:

Designate a responsible for each site with Animation and Reception Agents (ARA).
One of the highlights of the new approach is the host of summer visitors. It is important to mark the spirits by changes in the public reception.
To do this, new provisions must be taken within the home, arranging transport, site management, security and animation:
- Regulate, secure, improve the flow of summer visitors to the sites from neighborhoods, cities and possibly abroad
- Organize the home sites to avoid any inconvenience to the public
- Organize the occupation of beaches and sites by creating a reservation system for individual sites, families and groups
- Provide to summer visitors on every site useful services: telephone, food, umbrellas, ....
- Organizing cultural activities, sports and recreation: diving, hikes, skiing, climbing, caving, discoveries (introduction to the flora and fauna ...), horse riding, cycling ... ... ...

4 - Hygiene, cleanliness and safety:

Hygiene, cleanliness and security must be provided daily:
- Monitoring of bathing;
- Cleanliness of beaches and bathing water;
- Equipment and furniture range: first aid with the presence of doctors, changing rooms, showers, toilets, tables and chairs for resting, garbage;
- Security and surveillance: gendarmerie or police officer, civil protection more doctor, lifeguards, guards and eco-guards, receptionists and animators.

5 - Access, organization and occupation of the beaches and sites:

-The sites and beaches must be organized according to their specificities (ecotourism, urban, high traffic):
-A shelter (prefabricated cottage) for the reception, management and facilitation;
-Installation of access: Repairs to the roadway, lighting ...
-Provide a parking
-Organization of equipment of relaxation's locations

6 – Animation

Cultural and artistic Animation;
-Organization of sports competitions: water (water skiing, scuba diving, sailing, swimming ...) and beach (beach ball, horse riding ...);
-Organization of a program of basic swimming and scuba diving;
-Organization of activities of caving and climbing (Chenoua, Bejaia ...);
-Organization of the ideas competition: best drawing, best picture, best film theme: Tourist Season 2010
-Events: one in each division (race, equestrian events, marathon beaches, water skiing, cross the Bay of Algiers. ...

7 - Marketing and Communication:

-Heavy Media
-Public & private Press
-Making a film about the coastal and eco-tourism
-Information Signs at the entrance of the site
-Realization of leaflets and stickers with the site development plan
-Manufacture of t-shirts, shorts and caps (plan sponsors)
-Lectures on coastal protection, environment, intelligent tourism and green tourism.