Meeting of work or business, seminars, conferences, conventions or residential congress ... Our first task is to listen, to understand your desires and your requirements. After defining the overall concept of your operation, we offer you best suitable solutions for your budget:


Attentive, flexible and creative GHOUFI-TOUR makes for you a custom event, location, ambience, food, accommodation, transport, all means will be implemented to make your event successful.

Our goal: is to enable you to dedicate yourself to the message forward, forgetting all the problems of logistics.

Our team: thanks to a solid experience, our team has a perfect knowledge of the ground in all its diversity; its powers are expressed in both the rigor necessary for a business meeting and the originality of a festive evening.

Our motivation: to work in perfect harmony with you, in respect of your interests.

Our aim: is to provide a superior listening and responsiveness standing to become your partner rather than a simple provider.

Our signature: the originality that makes your event a moment that we do not forget.